A React Course for Designers

React is a powerful design tool. There's a lot you can do with it that would be difficult with a traditional design application. Prototyping with realistic data sets, creating complex interactions and shared component libraries are just the tip of the iceberg.
React opens up new ways of designing interfaces and the systems that support them. If you're interested in using React for design work but not sure where to start, I made this course for you.

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Use React for Design Work

This course is focused on teaching the parts of React.js that you need as a designer. Below is the list of videos that are currently available and a few that are still in the works. It's an ongoing course, so more lessons will be added in the future.
Building a Simple Component
Designing with Realistic Data Sets
Styling with Javascript
Creating an Icon Component Library
Building a Design System, Part 1: Flexible Components
Building a Design System, Part 2: Organization & Extension
Building a Design System, Part 3: Component Walkthrough
Composing Styles with Style Props
Creating Interactive Components
More Coming...

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much development experience do I need?

Less than you might think. You need a baseline understanding of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML.
If you've never used React before I wrote a longer article about getting started.
Once you’ve scaffolded something with create-react-app and poked around a bit you should be able to start this course.

How many lessons will there be in total?

This is an ongoing course. There are more lessons in the pipeline. The only lessons that are completed or in progress are the ones listed above. The pricing will be going up as more videos are released.

If you have a good idea for something you'd like to learn send me a message on twitter.

Why React instead of other JS frameworks?

There are lots of excellent JS libraries available. If you are currently learning or using one of these libraries I don't think you need to switch.
React was the first development tool that I felt productive with as a designer. I recommend React over other JavaScript libraries for the following reasons:

1. Maturity
2. Adoption
3. Ecosystem
4. Framer X

I've never used React, where should I start?

I wrote an article with my two cents. The tldr is:
1. Scaffold a project using create-react-app and build something simple.
2. Read the React docs all the way through.
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Created by Philip Davis